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Fully equipped tourist apartments to rent by the beach, in the mountains or in a city

REALRENT is a company which lets tourist and residential apartments throughout the main tourist destinations along the Mediterranean coastline.

The options for renting holiday apartments have increased in recent years, in cities as well as by the beach, given that, amongst other things, it offers privacy at a good price. Discover the advantages of travelling and sharing an apartment together with your family and friends, in your own spacious apartment with all the home comforts that having your own kitchen, living room, at least one bathroom and separate bedrooms brings.

Enjoy making yourself at home at each of our destinations. All of our apartments are fully equipped and are frequently checked by REALRENT employees to ensure that you have everything you need to relax fully on holiday.

If you are looking for a destination for your holiday, REALRENT has a wide range of locations for you to choose from. Whether it´s an apartment for a romantic getaway or for a holiday with family and friends, what is most important is that it comes at a good price.

Choose between our apartments by the beach, in a city or in the mountains. Then choose the province and next find the apartment which best suits your requirements by price or by size of apartment. In the majority of our destinations, we offer different types of apartments.

Come and discover your apartment in one of the most beautiful tourist destinations on the Mediterranean Coast!

Do you have a block of apartments that you would like to rent out? As well as renting our own apartments, we also offer to manage the rental of tourist apartments so that you do not have to worry about anything.