Cookies Policy

Cookies Policy

In RealRent we use cookies in order to provide you the best service and offer a better browsing experience. We want to inform you as precisely and transparently as possible about the information that we use, and we will explain what a cookie is, its use, what types of cookies we use, to what end and how you can adjust them or deactivate them if you wish.

  • What is a cookie, and what is it used for ?


A cookie is a small file that is stored by your browser onto your computer, tablet, mobile device, or any other electronic device when you visit our website. All the cookies of our customers help us to improve our website’s quality, allowing us to evaluate which pages are useful, which ones aren’t and which ones could be improved.


Cookies are essential to the running of the Internet, bringing a countless amount of advantages in the provision of interactive services. They ease the browsing experience and the practicability of our website. Cookies can’t damage your device in any way. On the contrary, when activated, they help us to identify and to solve any issies. 

  • What types of cookies do we use ?


Depending on what is processing the website:

-  Our own cookies: The cookies that are sent to your browser from our own servers or devices which we provide the requested services with.


 -  Cookies from third parties: The cookies that are sent to your browser from a server or device that isn’t managed by us, but by another collaborating entity. For example, the cookies used by social media, or external content such as Google Maps.


Depending on the amount of time they stay active:

- Session cookies: They are temporary cookies that stay in your browser’s cookies file until you leave the webpage. None of them are stored on your hard-drive. The information collected through these cookies is used to analyze activity patterns online. In the long term, these allow us to provide a better experience, by improving our content and ease of use.


- Permanent cookies: They are stored on your hard-drive, and our server reads them every time you make a new visit. A permanent cookie has an expiration date after which it will stop working. We usually use these cookies to make the purchasing and registration processes easier.


Depending on the purpose:

 - Cookies for technical purposes: They are necessary for the smooth running of our webpage and your browsing experience. They allow one to analyse online activity, to communicate data, to reach some areas with restricted access, to carry out purchasing or ordering process, to use security elements, or to store files in order to share a video or to share contents through social media.

- Cookies for personalization purposes: They allow you to access a service with a range of various predefined characteristics, based on a set of criteria. For example the language, the type of browser through which you’re accessing the service, the regional configuration, and more…

- Cookies for analysis purposes: They enable us to quantify the amount of users and thus to measure and analyse what use is made of the services provided. In other words, your browsing activity on our website is looked at, in order to improve our offer of products and services.

- Cookies for advertisement: They enable us to manage the advertising slots that may be featured on our webpage in the most efficient way.

- Cookies for behaviour related advertisement: These cookies provide information about the customers’ behaviour through continuous monitoring. Thanks to these, we get to know about browsing habits and show you advertisements that are related to your browsing profile.


Purpose of each one of the cookies that we use: You can see the updated cookies that we use in the following link.


  • How to deactivate cookies ?


The majority of web browsers currently allow the user to decide if they wish to accept cookies and which ones. These parameters are usually in the options or preferences section in the web browser’s settings menu.

Here are the instructions to adjust the cookies for the major web browsers:

Chrome: Settings → Advanced → Privacy and security → Content settings → Cookies.

For further information, you can consult google support or the browser’s help screen.


Firefox: Options → Privacy and security → History → Use custom settings for history → Accept cookies from websites.

For further information, you can consult google support or the browser’s help screen.


Internet Explorer: Internet options → Privacy → Cookie handling: automatic or defined.

For further information, you can consult google support or the browser’s help screen.


Safari: Preferences → Security.

Click here to change your cookie settings.